Top 14 Spring nail colors ideas 2021 in the United States


After a bitterly cold winter, the gloves are slowly coming off, and it's time to think about how your nails look. Many that don't like flashy fingers will be relieved to learn that spring patterns are leaning toward a more realistic look. There is a lot of new spring nail colors for 2021.


Finding little ways to add a little spice is all the rage this season. The season's trends show a return to nude shades, tiny embellishments, and a more manageable form, rather than neon colors or unnecessary glitter.

1). Iridescent Plum Spring nail design

Plum is stunning as a solid color, so it's even more so when it's offered an iridescent sheen. When added, the Ciaté London Geology Paint Pots in Forbidden Fruit combine metallic magenta with a holographic golden green to produce an oddly earthy color mix. To grasp the full effect of the seemingly changing pigments, you'll find yourself looking at your nails from various angles.

ridescent Plum Spring nail design

2). Rose Gold Spring nail 

Matte doesn't have to be that serious all of the time! This metallic rose gold hue is neutral in the sense that it goes with everything, but it has a fun shine about it perfect for new spring nail colors for 2021.

Rose Gold Spring nail

3). Bright White Spring nail 

Bright white looks crisp, modern, flexible, and dashing whether it's used to top off the tips of a classic French manicure or to cover the whole nail. We love Nails Inc's variant, "Free Time Is Me Time." since the long-wearing, the kale-infused recipe was created with such care: it's organic, cruelty-free, Halal-friendly, and free of 21 commonly unwanted ingredients.

Bright White Spring nail

4). Nail Polish in Saltwater Happy

This gentle shade of light blue with a touch of purple is the ideal way to dip your toes (or fingers!) into a non-traditional hue.

Nail Polish in Saltwater Happy

5). Metallic Lilac Spring nail colors

When pastels like lavender and lilac are given a shimmering metallic twist, they become downright retro. Pear Nova's Night Fades Morning Haze has an ethereal quality to it, almost silvery in appearance, like what an android angel could wear. But it looks just as good in the presence of regular people.

Metallic Lilac Spring nail colors

6). Dusty Lilac Spring nail art

If you like purple but want something a little more subtle, try Sally Hansen's greyish lilac polish, best for new spring nail colors for 2021.

DUSTY LILAC Spring nail art

7). Neon Spring nail Chartreuse

If you thought chartreuse was an acquired style, wait before you see it in neon form — you'll fall in love with it. This greenish-yellow hue is irresistible because it says you're primed for warmer weather. Try it with Essie's Expressive Fast Dry Nail Color in We Don't Mesh, which gives this phosphorescent shade a teeny-tiny touch of silver pearlescent coolness.

Neon Spring nail Chartreuse

8). Hot Orange Spring nail design

This is the color that would result if a carrot and a neon sign had a kid. Hot orange, not in the least bit timid, lets everybody know that as much as you're happy spring has arrived, you're excited to jump right to summer.

Hot Orange Spring nail design

9). Faded Clay Summer nails 

Faded clay is a genuinely lovely wear-with-literally-anything color that never bores, falling anywhere between a gentle nude and a beautiful peach.

Faded Clay Summer nails

10). Rainbow Glitter nails

Why not try on any of them if you can't settle on your favorite spring nail color? It's brimming with reflective confetti in all-grown-up jewel tones that work great on both bare nails and base colors.

Rainbow Glitter nails

11). Mexico Mint spring nails idea

This delicate minty blue lacquer, which was part of OPI's previous Mexico City spring series, is dreamily invisible and oh-so flattering—like a spring-forward take on a summer white nail for new spring nail colors for 2021.

12). Blue Purple Holographic Chrome Nails

This trendy chrome nail polish will add a pop of color to your new manicure. It's inspired by current fashion trends like iridescent sneakers, sunglasses, handbags, and even jewellery. This pattern has taken over the world, so why not show your love for it on your latest collection of nails? Put this one-of-a-kind chrome pattern on your square or almond-shaped nails and watch the magic happen; all eyes will be on you.

Blue Purple Holographic Chrome Nails

13). Pillow Pink Spring nail design

All deserve a great powdery pink in their collection—of course, for all of those springtime celebrations.

Pillow Pink Spring nail design

14). Grapefruit Spring Nails design

Nothing says spring like a shimmery, citrusy grapefruit pink manicure. The lacquer from the drugstore is a breath of fresh air.

Grapefruit Spring Nails design


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